Are you looking to kickstart some healthy habits and routines? 
We are looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED individuals who are ready to learn how to become fit, strong and healthy at home. If this is you please keep scrolling for more information
and to SIGN UP.
Do You Struggle to:
Get the results your want from your fitness routine?
 Know what to do to get fit, strong and have a lean body?
Get rid of excess body fat?
Eat Healthy regularly
Have confidence in your ability to train without injury?
Lack of consistency with your nutrition
Difficulty planning & preparing
Do You Want To?
Stop sacrificing your health goals?
Stop feeling like a failure when you fall off track?
Stop yo yo-ing your body, your focus, and your efforts?
Stop sabotaging your efforts & finally get somewhere with your goals?
Stop wasting time making excuses like I don't have time?
Stop starting something and losing motivation to your goals because of life?
The next 28 days are going to be a life-changing journey filled 
with new experiences and self-discovery. 
By following this plan, you will:

-Create healthy habits At Home

-Create a new easy to follow lifestyle

-Get Stronger, More Fit and Feel Healthier

-Rid your body of unwanted fat

- Make Better Decisions For Your Health and Body
You’ll be eating a LOT of delicious recipes that are loaded with energy-boosting, 
nutritious, and healing properties.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other benefits:

- Naturally balances blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings
- Supports hormone production and rebalancing
- Improves brain health and help protect against dementia and other disorders
- Improves memory and clear brain fog
- Improves digestion
- Increases energy levels
- Improves fertility
- Improves quality of sleep
- Decreases anxiety and mood swings
  • Live Stronger at Home Workouts and daily replays
  • ​Workouts to Get you strong and lean in 40 min or less
  • Private group to keep you accountable and on track
  • Deliscious and nutritious Hormone Balancing Recipes
  • ​Goal Setting to set realistic goals for the next 28 days
  • ​Knowledge to teach you about food, fat loss, healthy choices and lifestyle advice.
ALL FOR JUST $60 +hst
​​​Access to Live Classes and Replays for 28 Days
​Transformation Guide with recipes, goal setting, and a ton of knowledge
​Private Group for 24HR Accountability
Alissa Blais

I am a busy Mom of 2 and co-owner of Blais Performance and Wellness.

I specialize in helping busy and ambitious women take back their power to feel strong, healthy, lean and confident. 
To create a healthy and fit lifestyle that allows to shed unwanted fat, to regain a sense of strength
and confidence in their bodies and to have lasting energy to keep up with the demands of work/home and personal life.

Today I have coached countless women through a body transformation and experienced my own. I have developed a system to looking and feeling your best without spending hours doing boring workouts or cardio or counting calories.  I know its possible to live a busy and fulfilling life and be strong, fit and healthy.
Come Experience The Training Difference
What Our Members Are Saying?
Thank you soooooo much for your coaching!!!
I’ve lost approximately 15 lbs and have increased mobility and strength. My old clothes fit and I feel much better. My daughter watches me workout and sees how it’s important to stay active. We are all eating better as well.
I was worried about getting into a fitness routine with work because I have a terrible work/life balance, honestly. But having this program has made it easier for me.
A huge thank you. Your program has changed my life for the better and made quarantine a more positive experience. I am very grateful.
Sarah started working with us a year ago, wating to change her eating habits and needing some extra motivation to get in shape for a wedding, where she would be wearing a bikini!👙
She was doing pilates and running but was lacking strength and definition to get her to her goals.
"Joining  Alissa has been a life changing experience!"
Over the past year she was extremely committed to our workout program and followed our nutrition program which helped her make healthier choices, that still worked with an active social life!
Once Covid hit, Sarah took her workouts to the basement with our online training program. "I continued to be encouraged, motivated, pushed and teased (we only do this to our favourite clients), through all my workouts in such a positive way since before Covid and beyond!"
She's kept up her routine at the cottage and at home and is ready to get back into the gym this fall. She has continued to reach her training goals, doing more pushups and a stronger core than ever!
" I would highly recommend you try them too! You won’t be disappointed!". She says to all her friends!
Sarah - Mom of 2
Tasha has been coming to classes now for 13 weeks. 
She shared with me today that now she has alot more energy (good thing with a busy daughter) and that allows he to get up in the morning before her daughter and be more organized about our day.⁣
"What we're doing makes me feel like I have a control on things." She said. ⁣
"I've appreciated that it's not just a physical but an emotional support going to class and just knowing as mom I'm not alone." ⁣
Moving our bodies help feel in better control of our physical and mental health and our lives.⁣
Now, walking up a flight of steps has become much easier and she's been making better food choices. She's more aware of the foods she pick up from the grocery store.⁣
In just a few months she has literally changed her strength, stamina and how she fuels her body. And it shows! ⁣
Tasha - single mom
Who is the program for?

Any fitness level can participate in this challenge. We will modify YOUR program to YOUR specific needs, even if you have prior injuries. Some people have specific needs, some have 100 pounds to lose.

 I don't have a lot of weight to lose, is the program still for me?
Yes, you certainly can, you don’t have to have a lot to lose to participate in this program. Some only have their last 5-10 pounds to lose and just want the extra accountability to reach their specific goals.
What will be required of me?
During the 4-Weeks you are encouraged to workout 3-4 times per week, better yet move for 30 minutes per day while following your nutrition plan guidelines and implement the recipes into your daily life.
What are the workouts like?
 We focus on movement quality, strength and lots of activity with little rest. The workouts are structured to be metabolically stimulating for both males and females.   Don't worry the workout is customized to YOUR ability, so each person has their OWN individually designed program made for THEIR body and THEIR particular needs
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